Sunday, April 20, 2008

Glass Art Photos

Thought I would start something new this week. I've been trying to get out the news that Rowe Studios will be posting pictures of customers' and students' glass art on our "Exhibiting" page of our website. But, I forget to tell everyone when they're in the Studio. (I'm forgetting so many more things these days! Guess I should start listening to my mother when she tells me to make lists every day!!)
So, back to business: I thought this might be a good way to let you all know - I'm going to practice putting photos on the blog too - so if you want yours published here, be sure to send me permission when you send me your photo(s). I would love to show the world examples of all your work.
We're already into the 3rd week of the Tiffany-style Lampshade class, and I can't wait to start showing you everyone's progress. We'll have some new students in the Beginning Stained Glass and Beginning Mosaics classes that start the first week of May too. So I'll be posting photos along the way.
It's so exciting to share all this with you - so please stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

After SAMA

What a wonderful time we had at the mosaic artists' conference in Miami last week. Not only did we meet some great people, we also saw mosaic artwork that would blow your socks off! After so many years of stained glass, we've been expanding to include classes in many other art glass techniques. I think it's kept us from getting stale (but let me know if you disagree!). We've been teaching an introduction class to mosaics, and the exhibit of these talented artists has been a real eye opener - now I want to take our classes to the next level. Anyone want to help out by teaching classes here at the Studio?
Another thing I discovered is that I am even more committed to doing more fusing. Since I was at the conference to assist with selling the Morton System, I was lucky enough to watch the developer of the system show many of the tricks and tools available with this inovative set of jigs and surfaces. He brought some of the tiles he had made - to be used for mosaics, or wall art, or even coasters. Boy, did that inspire me! And, a big bonus, I got to keep all the scraps of glass left over from the demos. I can hardly wait to start filling the kiln!
Sure am tired though. The combination of extra hours, non-stop talking (stop laughing, I know you think I do that anyway!), and high adrenelin seems to have wiped me out. But my mind is spinning with ideas. And colors! I think the biggest reason I love working in this industry is COLOR. The ancient druids believed that color held power - to heal, to grow, to calm, to excite - and I believe it. I remember working on a stained glass lampshade years ago. The design was one of my brother's - a 20" shade of orchids. I don't remember why, but I was unhappy about something in my life, but the purples I worked with every day seemed to help me get through it. If I take the time to pay attention, I notice that different colors do make for different moods. What do you think?