Monday, February 22, 2010

As this month winds down and we head toward March, I thought I'd pass along the following from Ann Sanborn's site:

Items to plan for your March Calendar:
All Month:
· Birthstone: Aquamarine, Bloodstone
· Flower: Jonquil
· Astrological Signs: Pisces: 2/19 to 3/20 & Aries: 3/21 to 4/ 19
· National Nutrition Month
· National Women's History Month

March Dates to Remember:
2 Read Across America Day / Dr. Suess Birthday
7 Save Your Vision Week
14 Daylight Saving Time Begins
14 National Poison Prevention Week
17 St. Patricks Day
20 First Day of Spring
28 Palm Sunday
30 Passover

This is the time to design springtime stained glass panels, or make jewelry (in my case, the beads)in colors for the new season arriving. I don't know about you, but I love the soft pastels of spring. (If only I could wear more of the light colors without feeling as big as a whale!) Just because I don't wear pink, light blue, or yellow clothes doesn't mean I don't love making beads and pendants in those colors. I get a lot of inspiration from the annual mailings of all the seed catalogs - and the ever growing pile of clothing catalogs. I've been trying to make more florals on the torch, some with less success than others. I've also been trying out different glass - not just Moretti anymore. Since we do a lot of stained glass in the Studio, we always have scrap and some have proven gorgeous as beads. One of my friends brought in a few rods of the Indian Davardi glass for me to try, and I'm on my way to the kiln to see how they came out. I experimented with them and a few new rods on Saturday after closing, (while having a glass of wine with friends), so I had to come in today to see spite of the wicked weather outside and that it's my day off. You know how obsessed we lampworkers can get!


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