Friday, March 14, 2008

We've got some exciting plans for Rowe Studios, and want to hear some feedback.
As we push more into the arena of hot glass, we want to make room for more kilns and torches, and then make them available for rental. So, we've decided to sell some of the glass we've been jealously hoarding up in the loft. You may not know me well, but those who do, know that I have trouble parting with things. So, I've decided that it's time to "clean house". That's a pretty undertaking around here!
We have all of the sheet antiques on sale for 20% off, and will be featuring something special from the hand-rolled racks every week. Budgets are tight for most of us, and, let's face it - nothing is cheap any more (we won't even talk about things made outside the US!). So, in order to share some of the truly unique glass we have, we're going to offer a 50% discount on a different sheet of glass each week. If you've ever wanted to get some drapery glass, or some of the original Uroboros sheets of ripple (they look like big pancakes) - now's the time to come in. You'd be amazed at what's available. Ever hear of fracture/streamer glass? Sometimes it's called confetti glass. Well, both Bullseye & Uroboros make it, and we will have some of it featured on our weekly sales. Tiffany Studios used similar glasses to create some pretty special effects. Or how about some of the ripples that Genesis used to make. They closed their doors and shut down their furnaces over 20 years ago, so it's pretty hard to find any more. Well, we have a lot, and as hard as it is for me, we're bringing it out for sale. (Even if I lived to be a hundred, I'd never be able to use all of it anyway.)
Once we've been able to free up some space, we'll be shifting the work tables around to make room for the kilns. No small feat, but it will be worth it.
Any ideas on classes you'd like? We're trying to develop more fusing classes, and will soon be intoducing some etching classes too. Plus, I'm dying to try "painting" with frits and powders, so you can be sure there'll be something new in that area.
Keep in touch - I've never written a blog before and need lots of support! And don't forget to subscribe to the new Newsletter. That's where we'll annouce class schedules, showcase new products, let you know about sales, maybe even share a few tip & tricks.