Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well, we have good news / bad news today. In our continuing saga of the changes in zoning & building codes, we learned last week that the area has already been rezoned for "retail" status. Good news for all the stores in our complex, since they are now legally operating. There doesn't seem to be any problems for us, since we do a lot of retail. However, the bad news is that they will begin demolition of our lofts and interior walls on October 1st. I'm still in shock, as I just learned about this a couple of hours ago. Any of you who've been in the Studio know how much inventory we have and how difficult it will be to move everything. They have agreed to do this in stages, but all of the work has to be done in 10 days, so there's not much we can do really. I don't know yet where the job will start, but it will upset our schedules for the next month in any case.
As far as I have been able to think things through, we'll probably try to move all the finished stained glass pieces and the glass display cases to an empty unit on the back side of our building, we'll cover the work tables with sheets of plywood, and we'll try to find room to put everything (i.e. the entire office & library, all the tools, bevels, lampbases, grinders, etc. etc. etc.)
Any one who wants to help us is welcome! I need help mostly with moving things. I can't afford to pay cash, but I'm willing to pay with credit toward supplies or class tuition, at $10/hour. We'll be starting on Tuesday (the 22nd) at 10:00. All volunteers are welcome!