Friday, June 20, 2008

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Well, it looks like I'm still not successful in posting photos - so come back later to see Jim's beautiful orchids ... OK they are here now.

I would love to hear your comments on what inspires you - if you're at all like me, you see ideas everywhere you look. I can't look at a flower without either redesigning it into a stained glass panel, or trying to figure out how to create it on the torch, or maybe just take note of the colors to create beads. I remember once making beads inspired by the wallpaper used as a backdrop for Target ads! Speaking of Target, sales flyers are a great way to see what colors are being promoted. I know there are sites that specialize in color trends, but I'm the sort who likes to recycle. I don't have a computer screen in my studio, so I tack up clothing ads. I'm a great lover of crossword puzzles, and I tend to approach life as if I'm solving puzzles - so, when I worked for the airlines, I enjoyed the challenge of creating airfares using all the tricks of the trade. Nowadays, airfares don't work that way. But computers do. And even working on the torch - I'm always trying new techniques and combining different colors to see what happens. Mind you, I'm not always successful. But, like many other lampworkers, there is usually someone who loves a bead that didn't turn out the way I wanted. That brings me back to puzzles. I am determined to see what I'm doing wrong with posting pictures. Wish me luck!

Spring turns into summer

Whew! Can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I took the time to sit down and write. Talk about life getting in the way when you have other plans!
Since we're going to start rebuilding our lofts sometime this summer, we decided to start bringing down all the "old" and unusual art glass we had been hoarding. You won't believe how many pounds (tons??) on glass we now have out for sale. Some of the small pieces have been priced as scrap - so if you've ever wanted to try some ripples or drapery glass but were hesitant to spend the money ... now you can try some for very little cost. And, we featuring a different piece of glass every week with a 50% discount - just look on the counter by the front door.
I hope to put up some pictures soon, but first I have to deal with the stack of papers in the office waiting for the accountant. I hate paperwork, so I procrastinate, which just makes the piles harded to tackle!
One of my customers, who has a few panels featured on the "exhibiting" page of this web site, sent me some photos from his garden. They are not only beautiful shots, they are also my source of inspiration for a stained glass panel.