Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things are finally looking up here at the Studio. Although we still don't know what's going to happen about zoning, or the status of the infamous lofts, at least we have most of the organizing (and lots and lots of reorganizing) done. We've already finished a 6-week beginning stained glass class, and several lampwork (torch) beads classes, as well as one of the 2-day dichroic fusing classes. Classes will be starting up again the first week of September, and, as we continue to make better use of the space, it's easier to move around. It's amazing how much of the "stuff" from the lofts has been put away. I never thought we'd find places for everything. Now, mind you, I still haven't finished setting up the office - but at least the desk is right side up, the server has been moved and actually works, and the fax is connected again. I'd post some pictures, but I'd rather wait until things are finished. Wish I had thought to take pictures the day after we finished clearing out the lofts...but I was too depressed.
As I said, there are still some things pending. There is a zoning meeting scheduled for October that will effect many of the businesses in this complex. And, no one has decided if all or any part of the lofts can stay. But worrying about it won't change things, it just keeps me up at night.
I had a lot of fun today fusing dichroic glass. There were supposed to be 2 students, but one cancelled, so I got to play this time. Not only did I finish several dichroic pendants, I also rejuvenated some earlier experiments done with silver foil and frits on a base of black Bullseye. All the pieces are annealing in the kiln now, can't wait to see the finished product when I come back to work on Tuesday. I tried a new color (at least new for me) this time, yellow. I'll post some pictures next week, I think they're all quite nice, if I do say so myself!
Thanks too to everyone who has written, or stopped in, for the words of support. As hard as this summer has been, it's wonderful having friends to cheer me up.
Also, don't forget, the sale on sheet antique and hand-rolled glass is still on for the rest of the month. I'll put all the Genesis rippled glass on 50% sale in September, so those of you who want more texture (this glass is wonderful in borders, and for nature pieces), this is the time to stock up.
Well, I'm off to go visit my Mother and run a few errands - I'm not used to working on Sundays, but since I'm here (at the Studio), it has gotten me motivated to do more than my usual loafing around!